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Online Conversations Foster Offline Interactions

Written by Team Nextdoor

Working on the communications team at Nextdoor, we are frequently asked, “Why do people who live right next door to each other need a social network to connect?”

The truth is a majority of people may know the neighbor to left or the right of their house, but not necessarily the folks that live three doors down or the next block over. Nextdoor is a great “ice breaker” to help get conversations started. We have found that online conversations foster offline interactions. For communities that are already well connected, Nextdoor is a an easy, secure and efficient way to communicate and organize.

Recently a few of our members have shared wonderful examples of how Nextdoor is bringing them together in person. For example, in Cleveland residents used Nextdoor to organize a neighborhood clean up on Earth Day, members in Sacramento have used Nextdoor to organize a monthly neighborhood book club, and neighbors in Grand Rapids have gathered to work on a community garden (see their garden sign below).

We feel so much pride that Nextdoor neighborhoods from coast to coast are motivated to improve the places they call home and are taking steps to get to know their neighbors better.

We love hearing your stories. How has Nextdoor improved your neighborhoods or relationships with neighbors? Drop us a line and fill us in at:

Kelsey Grady
Senior Communications Manager

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