Cities and Nextdoor

Written by Robbie Turner

Our mission at Nextdoor is to help neighbors build stronger and safer places to call home. This is something we have in common with city governments nationwide. This common goal has lead Nextdoor to work with with dozens of cities throughout the state of California, and more recently with cities across the country from Minnesota, Georgia, Florida and Ohio.

Nextdoor and local governments understand that when residents connect with each other they look out for one another, can collectively solve problems faster, and build a stronger sense of community.

Cities that rollout Nextdoor provide residents with an easy way to stay informed about what is happening in their city as well as their neighborhood. City, police and fire officials can use Nextdoor to broadcast important updates about everything from a gas leak to a crime update to a new emergency preparedness plan.

This week Nextdoor celebrated the launch of its 32nd city. As we continue to grow we look forward to bringing Nextdoor to more cities – including yours!

If you are interested in having your city rollout Nextdoor feel free to let us know at: city@nextdoor.com. If you want to tell your city to adopt Nextdoor – well that would be just fine by us.

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