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Seniors Connecting Online with Nextdoor

A new study reports that 60% of U.S. seniors today are online, which equates to about 20 million seniors using the Internet to shop, email, and connect with others over social networks. At Nextdoor, seniors happen to be some of our most active members. We often get feedback from the senior community that they love our website for its real-world, practical value.

We have seen Nextdoor become a valuable resource for grandparents who benefit by borrowing toys, cribs, and highchairs for visiting grandchildren. Borrowing from neighbors can be a great time and money saver, especially for an item you may only use once.

Nextdoor has also proven useful to seniors who need a little extra help. One example we often see is elderly neighbors seeking support from the neighborhood to help with things like driving to doctor appointments and delivering food.

A particularly inspirational story came from one of our members in Nextdoor Sol y Lomas in Santa Fe, NM, where an elderly woman living alone in the neighborhood had cancer. While undergoing treatment, she experienced a security issue. When neighbors in the community found out via Nextdoor, they rallied around her to offer support.

Nextdoor is happy to be helping neighbors of all ages get to know one another, lend a hand, and make neighborhoods safer and happier places to call home.

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