When Leads Connect, Good Things Happen

Written by Madison Bell

More than 60 Leads from cities across the Bay Area joined us at our office in San Francisco on Tuesday, July 17th to meet other Leads, learn more about Nextdoor, and share their comments and feedback with the Nextdoor team.

It was an incredible opportunity to learn more about the diversity of our Leads’ neighborhood communities — from urban to rural, small neighborhoods to large ones, Leads talked about the challenges of bringing their neighborhood communities online for the first time, building community in neighborhoods where it didn’t exist and keeping online discourse relevant and cordial. Despite the differences in their neighborhoods, our Leads share one common goal: to make their neighborhoods safer, stronger and more connected places to live.

We couldn’t be more thankful to those who were able to make it, as it is feedback from members that allows us to make Nextdoor better every day. We’ll be hosting more events like this in the future and hope you’ll be able to join us!

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