The Nextdoor City Program Expands Beyond Cities

Written by Robbie Turner

We are very excited to announce that the Nextdoor’s City Program has been expanded to include other government agencies like counties, districts of larges cities, and police and fire departments.

Several counties have contacted Nextdoor looking for an effective way to connect all of its residents who live in unincorporated areas. Our first county to launch Nextdoor is San Mateo County, CA, which has twenty unincorporated areas with approximately 50,000 residents. The Nextdoor platform makes it possible for residents of unincorporated areas to  communicate about important local issues, especially issues concerning crime and safety.

In San Mateo County, the Fire Department has volunteered to communicate with residents about emergency preparedness and safety via Nextdoor. Each unincorporated area in San Mateo County now has a Nextdoor website where they can share information, ask for or give recommendations, organize an event, give away goods and receive updates from the Fire Department.

In Atlanta’s Buckhead district we are working with the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods to bring Nextdoor to 32 neighborhoods across the district. The Council of Neighborhoods now has the ability to share important information across all neighborhood associations in Buckhead. The result is thousands of neighbors are more connected to their local government thanks to Nextdoor.

We look forward to continuing to expand the ways Nextdoor can work with local government agencies to help foster and improve local government to resident communication.

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