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Nextdoor Tip: Asking for Recommendations

Written by Danielle Styskal

When asked the best way to get discussions started on a Nextdoor website, we always give the same first response: ask for recommendations. Here’s why:

People like to share their opinions and experiences, but they don’t want to seem forward or pushy. By asking for their recommendations, you’re giving your neighbors permission to tell their story.

Plus, people like to help their neighbors, and sharing a recommendation with someone who needs an auto mechanic, caterer, or babysitter provides them with an easy way to be helpful.

That said, there is a trick to writing a good recommendation request: the key is to share a little about yourself as well as describing your need.

So while it’s OK to ask for an auto mechanic recommendation by writing “Does anyone know a good mechanic?”, it’s better to post something like:

“My 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan is making all kinds of scary noises, and I barely know the difference between a crank shaft and mine shaft. Does anyone have a recommendation for an honest mechanic who won’t take advantage of someone who doesn’t know anything about cars?”

And while writing “Can anyone recommend a good caterer?” is OK, it’s better to write:

“My niece Emily is getting married in a month, and I’ve agreed to host a Sunday brunch following the wedding for about 50 out of town guests. Can anyone recommend a caterer who serves delicious food without costing one an arm and a leg? Our crowd isn’t fancy, but they really love to eat!”

Ask for help in this way a few times over the period of a month and other folks will soon get the idea and begin to turn to Nextdoor for advice as well. And once that happens, you will be well on the way to a thriving Nextdoor website!

Ready to get started and post a recommendation? Go to your Nextdoor Home Page to post a message.

Or, would you like to connect with other Leads to discuss the best ways to get conversations started? Join the conversations happening in the Leads Forum.

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