Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving and All Year Long

Written by Danielle Styskal

Whether your Thanksgiving tradition involves turkey, crab, or macaroni & cheese, tomorrow people across the US will be celebrating the same thing: all that they have to be thankful for. The Nextdoor team wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving and hopes your day is filled with good food, great company and warm memories. We’re grateful for your support and for all of our neighbors’ efforts to build stronger communities each day.

While we definitely appreciate a special day to give thanks, we believe that “thanks” should be a part of every other day of the year as well!

That’s why we give our members the opportunity to “thank” a neighbor for their contributions to their Nextdoor website, whether it’s for sharing a recommendation, alerting the neighborhood to criminal activity, organizing a community event, or answering a desperate plea for a can of breadcrumbs when the grocery store was closed – saving your neighbor’s Thanksgiving meal. Everyone likes to be thanked.

So, tomorrow and everyday, we hope you’ll take a moment to thank a neighbor for all they do, big or small.

Thank you for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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