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Neighbors Use Nextdoor to Stay Safe from Armed Robbers

Written by Team Nextdoor

Last week, a chilling incident involving some of our members in California demonstrated the power of Nextdoor when it comes to emergencies.

Neighbors in a quiet suburb of San Francisco called Menlo Park used Nextdoor to keep each other informed and safe from two armed robbers who were running from the police and trying to hideout in their neighborhood.

A police officer informed a resident of the hunt, who in turn posted a notice on his Nextdoor website and sent an urgent alert via Nextdoor to neighbors’ cell phones. A man was able to tell his nanny not to take his children outside. A panicked woman at work was able to get someone to lock her door. For four hours, the neighborhood was on lockdown, using Nextdoor as the only way to quickly communicate about the situation.

In the end, the suspects were caught. And no one was harmed.

Every day we’re inspired by stories of how Nextdoor enables people to connect with those living around them in real and meaningful ways. Most people don’t know their neighbors, and it’s our belief that when neighbors start talking, good things happen. While many use Nextdoor to get together for block parties, sell that used pair of skis, or ask for a local babysitter, more and more members are turning to Nextdoor as a virtual neighborhood watch to alert others about criminal activity and urgent issues of safety, like break-ins or a house fire.

Hearing how our platform helped to keep our Menlo Park members safe underscores the incredible responsibility we have at Nextdoor to create the best possible service we can for our users. It also underscores the importance of getting everyone on board. Please consider encouraging all of your neighbors as well as family and friends to join Nextdoor.

Thanks for looking out for each other.

P.S. We wouldn’t have heard about this story if it weren’t for a Menlo Park member reaching out to us. If you have any stories you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them. Please email us at

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