Welcome, EveryBlock neighbors!

Written by Gordon Strause

We were saddened to hear that EveryBlock shut down yesterday. We have a lot of respect for the good work the EveryBlock team has done for local communities. We know many neighbors have been negatively affected by this closure. For EveryBlock members who want to continue connecting with their neighbors, we welcome them to give Nextdoor a try.

At Nextdoor, we are focused on connecting neighbors to one another to create a trusted environment for community discussions. Each neighborhood gets its own private Nextdoor website, and all neighbors must verify their addresses before they can join the website. We do this to ensure that members know they are talking with their actual neighbors.

While EveryBlock did a wonderful job of aggregating local information from lots of different news sources, Nextdoor is primarily focused on fostering neighbor-to-neighbor discussions. On Nextdoor, neighbors share recommendations for local service providers, report criminal activity and organize local events. Over 8,000 neighborhoods across the country are already using Nextdoor to build stronger and safer communities.

To get started on Nextdoor, visit:

Please visit our Help Center with any questions or contact our support team to receive further assistance. We are available to help anyone set up their neighborhood on Nextdoor.

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