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Introducing Nextdoor 2.0

Fifteen months ago, we launched Nextdoor, the first private social network for the neighborhood.

While we had high hopes, we have been blown away by the incredible response from neighbors across the country. Over 8,075 neighborhoods in all 50 states now rely on Nextdoor to build safer and happier places to call home. And we are just getting started.

We are thrilled today to announce the launch of Nextdoor 2.0.

This next generation of our website is inspired by your stories and feedback. We’ve worked tirelessly to make it even easier for you to connect and communicate with your neighbors about the things that matter.

Specifically, Nextdoor 2.0 includes:

A greater focus on safety
Safety is a critical concern for all neighborhoods. Stay informed with the dedicated Safety section of your Nextdoor website. Use Urgent Alerts to immediately notify neighbors of time-sensitive information. Neighborhoods in select cities even receive updates from local public agencies.

The ability to communicate with Nearby Neighborhoods
Now you can share information with neighbors who live in neighborhoods near you, while still maintaining your privacy. Reaching a broader set of neighbors works best if you are looking for recommendations or advice, need help in finding a lost pet, or wish to alert others to criminal activity in the area.

An improved user experience
We’ve redesigned Nextdoor from scratch, making it easier to find and share the information you need. A new navigation pane organizes content by groups and categories, and a new post box helps you reach the right audience. The new design works well whether you access Nextdoor with computer, smartphone or tablet.

We can’t wait for you to experience Nextdoor 2.0 firsthand. If you would like additional information or have any questions, please visit our Help Center.

On behalf of our entire team, thank you for being part of the Nextdoor Community. We are thrilled to be working together to bring back a sense of community to neighborhoods everywhere.

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