San Jose Neighborhoods can Now Connect with their Police Department on Nextdoor

Written by Team Nextdoor

Last week the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) announced its newly established department direction with Nextdoor’s help. The department has developed a new strategy called RCITI (pronounced “Our City”).

Understanding the importance and impact that social media has on our lives today, the SJPD is utilizing technology as an accelerator to accomplish RCITI’s Innovation mission. Acting Chief Larry Esquivel explained the benefits of Nextdoor when he stated, “Nextdoor is another way our Department and our community can use technology to stay informed and reduce crime through increased awareness. We know that connected and engaged neighbors lead to safer communities.”

The Police Department will now be using Nextdoor to push out relevant crime prevention information as well as keep residents informed about the activities of their Police Department. While the Department will maintain its own Nextdoor page and will be able to post content into neighborhood websites, it will not have access to individual neighborhood websites or their content. With 318 neighborhoods (87% of neighborhoods in the City) using Nextdoor, the Police Department is well positioned to use Nextdoor as a tool to help prevent crime.

To learn more about the SJPD new department direction and see how Nextdoor fits into it, check out this story on ABC Bay Area.

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