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Neighbors Turn to Nextdoor During Los Angeles Fires

Written by Jenna Brehmer

At Nextdoor, we always hoped our mission of using technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods would be adopted by neighborhoods throughout the country. Eighteen months later, it is exciting to see neighbors in every state using Nextdoor regularly, especially to share information that helps keep neighbors safe.

A few weeks ago, Jim, a passionate Nextdoor member in Thousand Oaks, CA, alerted us to his use of Nextdoor when wildfires were burning out of control in the Los Angeles area. His neighborhood used Nextdoor to keep each other up to date and informed about the fires that were threatening their neighborhood. Using Nextdoor during this time was especially critical since many residents had not signed up for the reverse 911 calls from the city.

Jim told us, “I’ve never been one to be considered a huge neighborhood advocate, but after coming across Nextdoor in a article, I realized the importance a site like this could have in building a stronger neighborhood. With the recent Los Angeles fires that forced my neighborhood to evacuate our homes, my neighbors turned to Nextdoor to send and receive up-to-the-minute information on the fires. Nextdoor truly is a great tool that helped keep our homes safe and that has helped me meet some of my neighbors for the first time.”

We love nothing more than hearing stories about how our service has helped a neighborhood be safer in a time of need. Jim’s story is a great example of the many ways Nextdoor can be used to better communicate with neighbors.

To learn more about how neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area are using Nextdoor, feel free to read the Thousand Oaks Acorn article.

Communications Team at Nextdoor

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