Staying Connected During Back-to-School Season with Nextdoor

Written by ndmulti

The end of August always brings mixed emotions: kids’ giddiness over back-to-school shopping, parents’ anticipation for a more regular schedule, and college students’ joy as they head back to campus. Back-to-school season is an exciting time for communities across the country, and it’s a good time to regroup and connect with those around you.

According to our recent survey, the neighborhood is a vital component of the back-to-school season:

  • The majority (51%) of neighbors say they are more comfortable letting their kids walk, bike, or bus to school if they know their neighbors
  • More than 50% of neighbors say the school district was a major deciding factor in choosing their neighborhood or home
  • 1 in 3 parents rely on their neighbors during the back-to-school months

These findings aren’t surprising. We have always believed that the neighborhood is one of the most important aspects of our lives, and that’s why we’ve built a social network to connect you with the people that live right next door. When you know your neighbors, you know that there are people nearby who are willing to look out for your kids while they walk to school. These people would be similarly invested in helping with carpools, tutoring, or school fundraisers.

Neighbors can use Nextdoor during the back-to-school season to:

  • Organize a group of parents to take turns walking kids to school
  • Snap a picture of lost homework found on the sidewalk
  • Coordinate an after school activity for kids in the neighborhood
  • Ask for a recommendation for a local babysitter or tutor
  • Post urgent alerts about school closures

And now that Nextdoor is available for both iPhone and Android, it’s even easier to stay connected to your neighborhood when you’re out running errands, at work, picking the kids up from school, or even out of town.

Have you used Nextdoor to help prepare for the back-to-school season in your neighborhood? Share with us in the comments below or send your stories to

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