Nextdoor Launches with the Houston Police Department

Written by ndmulti

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Houston Police Department, who are using Nextdoor to enhance neighbor-to-neighbor communication and safety!

Today, the Houston Police Department, including Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr., Deputy Director of Public Affairs Regina Woolfolk, and Senior Police Officer Angela Douglas officially announced that it will be using Nextdoor to improve engagement with its residents and foster communication between neighbors.

The residents of Houston have embraced Nextdoor as a way to easily communicate with neighbors: already 60% of Houston neighborhoods are using Nextdoor to stay connected and updated on the things that matter, including neighborhoods like Woodland Heights.

“We’re in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Houston,” said David Jordan, Founding Member of Nextdoor Woodland Heights. “One of Nextdoor’s bedrock contributions to our community is safety, which is a key component for our neighborhood. This partnership with the Houston Police Department is a real, tangible contribution to making our families and homes safer.”

The Houston Police Department will be able to post important news, services, programs, free events, and emergency notifications to the neighborhoods’ Nextdoor websites. Houston joins Dallas, Ft. Worth, and other Texas cities in adopting Nextdoor, as well as cities across the country that understand the powerful role technology plays in creating safer, stronger cities.

Here is what ABC in Houston had to say about the partnership: HPD joins social network for neighborhoods.

To join or start your Nextdoor neighborhood, click here.

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