Nextdoor Joins Forces with the City of Austin and Travis County

Written by ndmulti

We are excited to announce one of our largest city-wide partnerships with Austin, Texas, a city that is known for its innovation, love of technology, and unique flair. Starting today, the City of Austin, the Austin Police Department, and the Travis County Sheriff’s Office will use Nextdoor to provide important information, like crime and safety updates, to residents using the platform.

Already, more than 80% of the neighborhoods in Austin and nearly 50% of the neighborhoods in Travis County use Nextdoor.

For example, Kelly Laney, Founding Member and Lead of Nextdoor Woodhaven, started her Nextdoor website in September 2013. Nextdoor has played an important role in keeping her neighborhood safe. Two weeks ago, Kelly’s surveillance camera captured footage of someone breaking into her car, which Kelly quickly posted to her Nextdoor website for her neighbors to see. Thanks to her posts, Kelly’s neighbors recognized a pattern to the crime–many of them had been burglarized in the same way at various points over a period of several weeks. The neighborhood is now working with law enforcement officials to track these crimes and identify the culprits. As you can imagine, Kelly is very excited that the police will be joining Nextdoor.

We are proud to help neighborhoods like Kelly’s. We are excited to partner with a progressive city like Austin to unite the City, the Austin Police Department, and the Travis County Sheriff’s Office to help make Austin-area neighborhoods stronger and safer.

You can join or start your own Nextdoor neighborhood here.

Photo: Nextdoor member Kim B., Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, Nextdoor Co-Founder Nirav Tolia, Nextdoor member Kelly L., and Sheriff Greg Hamilton celebrate the partnership. Image courtesy of Amos Stoltzfus


  • Such a great partnership, and a win for community-building! Are there similar opportunities for local companies that have a neighborhood focus to communicate through the NextDoor network?

    • Hi Lauren, Allowing business owners to join a Nextdoor neighborhood completely relies on the Founding Member and Leads of that particular neighborhood. We’ve found that there are neighborhoods that think having businesses join is an extreme asset to their community, while there are others that feel they’d rather only have permanent residents engage.

      If your neighborhood allows business owners to join, we suggest having the owners use their real name, and then put a note in their profile about the business they are a part of.

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