Building Better Neighborhoods Across Cleveland

Written by Jen Burke

We are always looking for new ways to bring the power of Nextdoor to new neighborhoods across the country. Not surprisingly, neighbors, cities, nonprofits, and media organizations want to do the same. One in particular, Cleveland’s NewsChannel 5, just kicked off the Building Better Neighborhoods (BBN) initiative across Cleveland.

NewsChannel 5 shares our mission of helping to build stronger, safer communities. The Building Better Neighborhoods initiative empowers Cleveland-area neighbors to get more involved in their communities by getting to know each other, their elected officials, and their police officers. We are excited to be the official app chosen by NewsChannel 5 to help the BBN initiative strengthen communities across Cleveland.

Over the next few months, NewsChannel 5 will feature the 25 Cleveland-area communities that have committed to building better places to live, one street or neighborhood at a time, by highlighting the characteristics and neighbors that make each community unique.

More than 300 Cleveland-area neighborhoods already use Nextdoor. Our hope is that more Cleveland residents will learn about how they can use Nextdoor to strengthen their neighborhoods. Whether that is simply joining to get to know new neighbors, rallying together to make the best of the winter weather, or coordinating a neighborhood park clean-up, we want neighbors to use Nextdoor to connect with each other and help bring back a sense of community to their neighborhoods.

One of our die-hard local Cleveland representatives, Jeremy Taylor, will be working closely with NewsChannel 5 and the BBN communities to use Nextdoor to better connect with each other like so many neighborhoods in the area have done already.

“As a newer neighborhood, we have used Nextdoor to connect our small, yet diverse, group of neighbors,” said David Frattare, Nextdoor member from Brunswick, one of the Cleveland- area cities participating in the BBN initiative. “The ability to share information privately to verified neighbors provides a new level of comfort and safety. Nextdoor has brought us together both personally and digitally.”

The BBN initiative will kick off with a special segment airing this Friday, March 21 at 8:30 p.m. ET on NewsChannel 5.

We are excited and humbled by this opportunity to work with NewsChannel 5 and help these neighborhoods stay connected during the BBN initiative and for many years to come.

You can join or start your own Nextdoor neighborhood here.

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