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Need a Jump? There’s an App for That!

Written by Anne Dreshfield

When Malina Arevalo went into her garage one evening in San Francisco, she found perhaps one of the most frustrating situations for any driver: a dead battery and no way to jump her car.

After a moment of deliberation, Malina turned to Nextdoor for help. She posted to Nextdoor asking if anyone was available to give her a jump. If you think about it, this makes a ton of sense – there had to be someone nearby that could lend her a hand! With Nextdoor, she could easily ask for help.

“Within minutes, three people responded offering to jump my car,” says Malina. It just goes to show: ask, and you will receive, particularly if you’re well-connected to your neighborhood on Nextdoor!

We were thrilled to share this story with O, The Oprah Magazine for their July issue on upgrading your life. Nextdoor was featured as a tool to help devise a better crisis control plan – you can find the issue on newsstands now!

As reported by O, The Oprah Magazine.

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