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Connecting Communities and Saving Lives

Written by ndmulti

When a neighborhood in Wichita, Kansas unexpectedly lost power, neighbors knew to turn to Nextdoor for iPhone and Android to stay connected. Della Lickteig, a member of Nextdoor Forest Hills, sent out an Urgent Alert warning neighbors of the power outage – and that Urgent Alert may have saved a woman’s life.

Della’s neighbor received the Urgent Alert on his phone while he was at work. His mother lived in the same community and relied on an electric oxygen machine; without it, she was in serious danger. Immediately, the neighbor rushed home and hooked up his mother’s oxygen machine to a back-up generator.

Thanks to Della’s quick thinking, her neighbor was able to save his mother from a potentially deadly situation. We’re honored to help neighborhoods like Della’s communicate effectively and feel more at ease – no matter where they are.

As reported by CBS Wichita.

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