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Rockford Neighbors Create “Take 5” Initiative To Keep Each Other Safe

Written by Jen Burke

With the help of Nextdoor, 250 neighbors in the Rolling Green neighborhood of Rockford, IL are connecting like never before.

From little things like providing a ride or making a meal for a sick neighbor, Rolling Green neighbors are looking out for one another. They have even developed their very own neighborhood safety initiative called “Take 5,” which calls for residents to survey their front and back yards twice a day to make sure nothing suspicious is happening.

“If we see a suspicious vehicle drive around the neighborhood, we can put all the info on Nextdoor in the crime and safety section and send that out in an Urgent Alert to all the neighbors,” says Nextdoor Rolling Green member Heather V.

Along with this greater sense of safety, has come an even greater sense of community.

“We’re trying to get that whole togetherness back that the neighborhood once had, and Nextdoor helps us do that,” continued Heather.

As reported by NBC Rockford.

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