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Neighbors Stop Diaper and Formula Thief in His Tracks

Written by ndmulti

After ordering an expensive box of diapers and baby formula that never arrived, Walnut Creek, CA neighbor Andrea turned to her surveillance video to try to solve the mystery.

What she saw shocked her: in surprising detail, Andrea caught a silver truck pulling into her driveway, a man jumping out, grabbing her package, and bolting back to the car. The truck, missing its front license plate, then sped away.

Unable to see the back license plate number of the truck, Andrea turned to her neighbors for help.

“I found out about Nextdoor,” Andrea says. “I posted the video on there, and from there it just went viral.”

Thanks to Nextdoor, neighbors quickly shared the video, and police asked the public for their help. Soon, the department was flooded with calls and tips.

The very next day, thanks to a tip, police located the suspect and took him into custody.

As reported by KRON San Francisco.

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