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Introducing New Member Profiles

Written by ndmulti

We are very excited to introduce the re-designed Nextdoor member profiles. The new profiles make it easier to get to know neighbors like you – whether they are fellow parents, pet owners, or simply share the same interests. In addition, the new skills section can help you discover a local tutor, a handyman who lives down the street, or a neighbor who is CPR-certified.

We know family members are neighbors, too – which is why you can share a picture of your children and even your pets. In addition, profile pictures are now larger, making it easier for members who have met on Nextdoor to recognize each other.

The new profiles are great way to discover all the things you have in common with your fellow neighbors and build a stronger community.

If you are a Nextdoor member, please update your new profile today. If you are not yet a Nextdoor member, you can join your neighbors by visiting our website or downloading our iPhone or Android apps.

For detailed information on new profiles, please visit our Help Center.

Note: the new member profile will not be available in our iPhone app until next week. It is currently available on our website and in Nextdoor for Android v1.8.


  • Very nice enhancement to the service. It will be interesting to see how it leads to my neighbors in Naglee Park (San Jose, CA) sharing more of their interests and skills with each other.

  • Just updated mine; hopefully others will do the same. And, we will get more people to join in with us! It’s especially helpful now that the Police Dept. has partnered up with us.

  • I always like upgrades. Also I like the new look on the profile section.

    However I don’t like the new changes because now we can’t share our links from the profile section.
    I am a Realtor and also I am lead in my neighborhood and since last year in our neighborhood we have been dealing with several situations. One of them is that next-door neighbor won’t allow us to advertise our business. We are only allowed to refer other people’s business.

    We understand the guidelines and we adhere to them. When we have a new member, as a leader, I have been reminding them that they are not allowed to advertise their business here on the site. They can do this in their biography section. Also I have to say that the majority including myself don’t like advertising on next-door site. However we do like to have the opportunity of advertise our business in one section that doesn’t bother anyone. Again this section was in our biography area.
    I wish that they put the capability back so that we can share our external links again without bothering anyone.

    Please don’t forget that Next-door is growing thanks to all of us. At least they should give us a section to advertise our business. We earned and deserve to have it.
    I hope the next-door takes this request under consideration.
    Best regards,
    Esperanza Butler.
    West Hills, California

  • This is a great start keep it up. I am a retired LEO and am trying to conduct an electronic neighborhood watch in my community. wI am a lead in Parkwood wa. editing told i.e.. bold color text font size would go a long way to enhance my work.

  • How bout allowing people to add parents as family members?!!! I own my home and my mother lives with me, but I can’t add her as a family member and therefore cannot finish my profile. There should be an option to add parents or other family members. I mean, some homes have cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc living with them. Without these additions, Next Door will never be fully accurate.

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