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Neighbors in Austin Use Nextdoor to Help Blind Dog Return Home

Written by ndmulti

On a recent dark and stormy night, Austin Nextdoor member Aaron was on his way home from a movie with his wife. As they turned onto the large bridge at the entrance to their neighborhood, their headlights illuminated something very much out of place: a scared and lost black dog sitting in the middle of the bridge.

Without hesitation, Aaron parked his car and ran out into the rain. He wrapped a sweater around the shivering pup and brought him into the warmth of the car. Aaron noticed the dog wasn’t wearing a collar, but otherwise seemed well-fed and well-groomed – and blind.

Fearing the dog had been abandoned on such a miserable night, Aaron and his wife brought him back to their home. There, they wrapped the damp dog in layers of blankets and managed to coax him into taking some food and water. Not knowing where else to turn, Aaron headed to his neighborhood’s Nextdoor website and posted the dog’s picture and description, hoping a neighbor would respond before he and his wife had to take him to the shelter in the morning.

Within thirty minutes, Charlie’s owners responded with a grateful message saying they were headed over to pick him up.

“Without Nextdoor, we wouldn’t have had any way to connect to Charlie’s family that night,” Aaron says. “It would have been a much bigger ordeal – and hours, if not days of more stress for Charlie and his family. Thank you for bringing our neighborhood closer together, and helping us find a little scared puppy his way home on a rainy night!”

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