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Cleveland Neighbors Rescue Stray Dog During Deep Freeze

Written by ndmulti

When a deep freeze hit Cleveland a few weeks ago, most neighbors bundled up for their commutes and went about life as normal. For the Shaker Heights neighborhood, however, the cold put them on edge.

For weeks, neighbors had noticed a young pit bull running through their neighborhood, obviously lost or a stray. As the temperature dropped, their worry grew: would the young dog survive the cold? One neighbor didn’t want to find out.

“It was freezing and you’re thinking, this poor dog, it’s obviously abandoned.”

“It was freezing and you’re thinking, this poor dog, it’s obviously abandoned,” explained Simone Nielsen, who posted to Nextdoor Shaker Heights with her concerns. Within days, their website was filled with sightings of the dog, who they named Simone after the caring neighbor who started it all, and offers to help.

More than 120 posts later, the neighborhood has raised more than $300 for a vet visit, has coordinated daily walks with neighbors from all over the community, and is even working on finding the young pup a new home.

“People are not out so much anymore talking over the fence like they used to, or talking to their neighbors,” says Nielsen. “This is a way to get to know the people on your street, or the people around the corner.”

As reported by WOIO Cleveland.

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  • What wonderful people you all are for helping Simone… I can’t tell you enough how good it makes me feel to know that there are loving people out there that would do what I would do – and what my neighbors would do – for our beautiful animal friends. My significant other & I have resucued many kitties over the years, as have several of our neighbors. Although we don’t see eye-to-eye on many things, on this we do. When someone gets sick (as one neighbor did last year), Roger & I took care of her cats while she was in the hospital, & I know my other neighbors (& her) would do the same for us if necessary. I love Doggies too – it’s just that my experience has always been with Kitties. Anyway, you all have done a Loving, Wonderful thing – Together – for this beautiful creature. You are truly special people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Betsy

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