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Neighbors Rally to Save Injured Kitten

Written by ndmulti

When a neighbor in Clifton, Cincinnati was driving his two young daughters to soccer practice, they saw two little kittens trying to cross a busy intersection.

Unfortunately, no one was stopping, and both kittens were hit.

Horrified, his little girls begged him to stop, but he couldn’t, so called his wife and asked her to walk down to the street and check on the kittens. To Jill’s surprise, one kitten had survived – but was obviously in dire straights, with a broken leg, spine damage, and a mangled tail. Immediately, the neighborhood animal lover, Laura, was called. She promised to take the kitten to the vet and nurse him back to health on one circumstance: if the little girls promised to adopt him when he got better. They agreed, and named him Little Mr. Wicket.

“The network was just perfect for this cat. It saved his life.”

Laura posted about the kitten on Nextdoor Clifton to update her neighbors. When the community heard the kitten had to stay at the vet for an extended recovery, many of them called the clinic and sent checks straight there to cover his vet bills.

Laura kept Little Mr. Wicket for several months and the little girls came over often with toys and blankets to help until they could take him home. He became the talk of the town amongst Clifton neighbors, who were constantly asking for updates on Nextdoor and many asked if they could come visit him.

Happily, Little Mr. Wicket has healed completely and now has a loving home with the little girls – and Laura visits him often.

Little Mr. Wicket is now healthy and thriving with his new family.
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Little Mr. Wicket is now healthy and thriving with his new family.

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