Nextdoor Welcomes the City of Indianapolis to the Neighborhood

Written by ndmulti

Today, we’re excited to announce that we have partnered with the City of Indianapolis. This partnership, led by Mayor Ballard, will enable the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services to use Nextdoor as a city-wide communications tool.

“Neighbors play a key role in keeping our neighborhoods safe and strong and we want to give them a variety of options when it comes to communicating about the important issues affecting their communities,” said Mayor Greg Ballard. “Nextdoor is one of the channels the City will be using to encourage regular communication amongst neighbors as well as with those who serve them.”

Nextdoor has proven to be an essential and well-adopted tool for Indianapolis residents. More than 335 neighborhoods, representing 63% of the City of Indianapolis, are already using Nextdoor.

You can join or start your Nextdoor website here.

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