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As Tax Season Looms, Dallas Neighbors are Using Nextdoor to Keep Their Mail Safe

Written by ndmulti

A number of neighborhoods in North Dallas are learning that their mail, particularly during tax season when large checks abound, isn’t safe – and they’re taking to Nextdoor to warn their neighbors of criminals stealing their checks and cashing them in.

One neighbor, Beth, got quite the surprise when she found an unusual package in her mailbox on a recent afternoon. Her mailbox was stuffed full of opened mail – it was her neighbors’ outgoing mail with their envelopes ripped open and checks stolen right out of them.

Beth immediately posted on Nextdoor to warn her neighbors, inspiring a discussion on purchasing lock boxes for the community, and other ways the neighborhood can stay vigilant and keep their mail – and their money – safe from thieves.

Beth’s post hit a nerve with her neighbor, Stan, whose mail had recently been stolen. “They laundered the check before noon that day,” he said. “I worry when I put my red flag up – that’s kind of a notice that I’m sending something out. Things have changed.”

Thanks to the neighborhood’s use of Nextdoor, things can start changing – for the better.

As reported by CBS Dallas.

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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