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Nextdoor Helps “The World’s Best Cashier” Get Re-Hired

Written by ndmulti

Howard has been deemed the “world’s best cashier” by all of those who have experienced his unique check-out style in Rockville, Maryland.

Howard has been a long-time cashier at the local grocery store, and is known for his game show act where he delights customers while he rings up their groceries. Customers love him – they line up for his cash register, willing to wait longer just to hear his announcer voice and creative spin on the usual check-out experience. Thanks to Howard, grocery shopping is much more than just an errand for neighbors.

Recently, Howard was abruptly laid off. Using Nextdoor, the community quickly organized and wrote to the grocery store, requesting they reinstate Howard. They also started an online petition asking for his rehiring, which was signed by more than 600 people.

Thanks to the community’s overwhelming support, Howard has since been rehired. To celebrate, the neighborhood threw a party for Howard on his first day back, complete with a cake.

“We couldn’t have gotten Howard rehired without Nextdoor,” says one neighbor. “It’s been amazing how communities can work together when they want to effect change.”

As reported by The Huffington Post.

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