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Neighbors in St. Louis Use Nextdoor to Save a Dog in Need

Written by ndmulti

Thanks to one post on Nextdoor, a community was able to save a dog in need.

Megan G. from St. Louis’ Lafayette Square neighborhood often looked outside her window to see a young dog, Sammie, next door, either left in a pen or chained up, exposed to harsh weather conditions and often lacking food and water.

“She was often left in a pen,” Megan explained. “During the winter, her water was always frozen. She had limited access to shelter and was always outside.”

“Within an hour, there were tons of posts flooding in.”
Sammie was often laying in the snow or panting through the sweltering heat of summer. The final straw was when Megan saw ice burns on Sammie from laying in the snow and ice. Fed up, Megan decided to do something to help her. She posted on Nextdoor to ask for help, and was soon flooded with suggestions, advice, and well-wishes.

“Within an hour, there were tons of posts flooding in,” Megan said. Her neighbors quickly set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the dog’s vet bills and were able to convince the owner to release Sammie.

In just over two weeks, the community has raised more than $750 for Sammie’s care and has found her a foster home.

Sammie is now on the mend, says Megan. “Thanks to Nextdoor, we opened up a huge network of people who could help Sammie.”

As reported by FOX St. Louis.

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  • I am glad to see there was a positive outcome for this dog. It is very upsetting to see a dog chained to a pole on an eight foot chain, day and night, 24/7 without a break or any relief through the frigid, brutal winter. We have a neighbor who does this, as apparently the law only requires a dog house or even a hole dug in the dirt for shelter. If these poor conditions are met, there is very little the SPCA can do. Thank you to this community for stepping up and doing what was right to save this one poor animal!

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