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Nextdoor Polls Helps Community Feel Safer, Plan Walking Group

Written by ndmulti

Kelly, a neighbor in the Sunblest community in Indianapolis, understands that the more neighbors she knows, the safer her community will be – so she turned to technology to help.

“The neighborhood hadn’t connected until Nextdoor started,” Kelly said.

“The neighborhood hadn’t connected until Nextdoor started.”
After joining her neighborhood’s Nextdoor website, Kelly began to get to know neighbors in her apartment building and greater complex. From planning community events to organizing walking groups and even reporting crime, Kelly has connected with her neighbors – which has a positive impact on the safety of the community, says her local police department. The Lafayette Police Department recently started a home burglary avoidance training program for the community, with Nextdoor as one of their suggested tools.

Connecting and getting to know her neighbors is something that Kelly has quickly taken advantage of. She recently used Nextdoor Polls to ask her neighbors if anyone was interested in starting a walking group, among other group events she wanted to plan. The quick and easy way to gather her neighbors’ interest was a success.

“Now we come out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and walk around City Hall,” she says.

Kelly says she feels safer now that she has a neighbor to walk with at night – all thanks to a simple click of the button.

As reported by FOX Indianapolis.

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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