New Partners Join the Nextdoor Neighborhood

Written by ndmulti

This week, we announced partnerships with a variety of public agencies across the country.

Odessa Police Department

We were thrilled to announce a partnership with the Odessa Police Department on Wednesday – Odessa is close to our hearts, as our Co-Founder and CEO, Nirav Tolia, grew up in Odessa. In fact, he was recently named a Distinguished Former Odessan. We’re honored that our Co-Founder and CEO’s hometown police department is now using Nextdoor to communicate with residents.

Los Angeles City Attorney

Today, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, led by City Attorney Mike Feuer, became the the first prosecutorial office in the country to partner with Nextdoor. Starting today, Neighborhood Prosecutors will begin using Nextdoor to communicate with the neighbors they serve about issues that affect the quality of life in their neighborhoods – from illegal dumping, to substandard housing, to fraud, and more. We were fortunate to partner with the Los Angeles Police Department last year, and are thrilled that the City Attorney has joined Nextdoor to create another level of engagement with Los Angeles residents.

Metro Nashville Public Schools

Strong neighborhoods and strong schools go hand-in-hand. Today, Metro Nashville Public Schools became the first school district in the country to adopt Nextdoor. Metro Schools will use Nextdoor to inform residents – both parents and non-parents – of school news, announcements, and activities. The district joins the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods, which partnered with Nextdoor in June 2013, and last month celebrated how Nashville residents have embraced Nextdoor in their communities.

Seattle Police Department

While we officially partnered with the Seattle Police Department in October 2014, on Tuesday the Department announced a new micro-community policing initiative that is centered on Nextdoor. Their new policing plans are unique to each precinct and hyper-localized to target each neighborhood, which helps determine policing priorities.

We welcome all of our new public agency partners to the Nextdoor neighborhood!


  • How does a school go about joining Nextdoor? I am a parent marketing coordinator for a private school and am trying to explore different ways to connect to our surrounding community. I’m not sure how to go assisting the school and linking to Next-door.

    • Hi there, thanks for reaching out! One option is to create a Nextdoor Group for your nearby neighborhoods. Head to nextdoor.com/groups to get connected!

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