Nextdoor for Public Agencies Gets an Upgrade on America’s National Day of Action

Written by Jeremie Beebe

Today is America’s National Day of Action, which reminds us all to take a moment to make sure we are prepared in times of emergency.

At Nextdoor, we believe a resilient community starts with strong communication at every level – between neighbors and with their local agencies.

We are excited to give our agency partners new and improved ways to communicate with residents.
That is why we are excited to announce today an enhanced Nextdoor for Public Agencies that will make it even easier for agencies and residents to connect and build stronger, more resilient communities. In addition, we are expanding access to the platform beyond public safety agencies (police, fire, offices of emergency management) and welcoming local utility agencies (water, gas, waste management) to join Nextdoor.

Since we officially made Nextdoor for Public Agencies available last September, we have been working closely with our agency partners to improve the platform. Their insight and feedback has been invaluable in helping us continue to build a world-class product.

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Nextdoor for Public Agencies enhancements include:

  • New agency pages – customized agency profile pages give residents an easy way to discover and track local agency posts and events
  • Citywide events – events can now be created by local officials to announce and better organize citywide happenings such as public meetings, safety training, and community activities
  • Improved communication experience – streamlined posting tools make it easier to edit and target messages using the Nextdoor neighborhoods map
  • Engagement tools – updated tools allow local officials to promote their agency participation on Nextdoor with shareable buttons, embedded links, and new invitation formats
  • Interactive map and metrics – new interface to visualize reach and community participation helps agencies better target updates and serve the community

We are excited to give our agency partners new and improved ways to communicate with residents. Over the past few years, we have seen agencies and neighbors rely on Nextdoor in times of emergency like the flooding in Colorado, earthquake in Napa, and tornadoes in Oklahoma.

We hope that agencies and neighbors across the country will continue to use Nextdoor to work together to, not only improve the quality of life in their communities, but ensure they are all prepared to help one another during times of emergency.

If your public agency is interested in joining Nextdoor, you can visit to get started.

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