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Atlanta Neighbors Turn to Technology to Fight Back Against Crime

Written by ndmulti

For nine years, David has lived in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood, a community filled with tree-lined streets and sidewalks that overlooks midtown Atlanta.

According to David, his neighborhood feels “the way neighborhoods used to be.” However, crime has recently been on the rise, with several neighbors reporting startling thefts. One neighbor had a car stolen from the parking spot directly in front of her home, and another had his car stolen right out of his driveway.

“It builds protection.”
David and his neighbors are relying on cell phone videos and surveillance footage, which they share on Nextdoor to address the problem. Unfortunately, David hasn’t been immune to the crime: he once caught a man stealing a package off his front porch. He captured it on video and posted it on the neighborhood’s Nextdoor website to warn his neighbors.

“By sharing that information with people you may not know face to face, in a neighborhood that’s as active as ours – it builds protection,” said another neighbor.

Thanks to neighbors taking action and using Nextdoor, Virginia Highlands is making strides in helping to keep their community safe.

As reported by CBS Atlanta.

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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  • We live on Marlboro drive and yesterday my neighbor was upset but finally came and informed me that my beautiful black and white cat had been found in his yard and had been killed by the coyotes. Please keep all your pets inside especially at night and keep a close eye on them if you let them out during the day. There was no way he could be saved after such an attack.

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