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Mobile, Alabama Police Department Installs Nextdoor Signs Across the City

Written by ndmulti

The Mobile Police Department recently started an exciting initiative: to install Nextdoor signs across their city, promoting Nextdoor as a department-endorsed tool for virtual neighborhood watch.

Using Nextdoor, the Mobile Police Department and residents have successfully been working together to build stronger, safer neighborhoods.

To celebrate the success of the partnership and encourage even more residents to join Nextdoor, the police department plans to give a Nextdoor sign to every neighborhood in Mobile that launches a Nextdoor website.

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One of the signs posted in a Mobile neighborhood.

Inspired to replace  old neighborhood watch signs across the city, the Mobile Police Department decided to design their own Nextdoor sign promoting our partnership.

It wasn’t long until their vision became a reality: working with the Traffic Engineering Department within the City of Mobile, the police department guaranteed that their signs would be high-quality, reflective, road-safe signs that will stand up to inclement weather. All told, the Mobile Police Department created 100 signs.

The response was incredible. Within days of the police department’s announcement of the program, more than 35 neighborhoods requested at least one sign for their community. A few neighborhoods requested multiple signs – one neighborhood requested a sign for every entrance to their neighborhood, asking for ten signs in total!

We’re excited to see our partners finding new, innovative ways to share Nextdoor with their residents – both online and offline!

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.


  • Is Nextdoor considering making these signs available to neighborhoods across the country? We would love to see them in our neighborhood.
    Bonnie Boucher, Lead
    Plaza Del Rey, Sunnyvale, CA

    • We’re thinking of ways we could possibly make this available for more neighborhoods. Thanks for your interest, Bonnie!

  • I stumbled across “Nextdoor” while searching for local & community types of apps–what a fantastic idea! A huge pro for me is the true “neighborhood” component, this is not a “MeetUp” or even “OfferUp”. I love that I have the option to share/ask my neighbors for help or recommendations without it becoming an advertisement or solicitation. However, you are missing out on a huge opportunity with the groups, events, referral & safety options!! I had no clue these were hidden within the app until I happened upon an old post from a nearby neighborhood re a running group. The posted reply directed original poster to the groups in this app which then gave a link to a running group. Very convoluted & misleading bc seems to operate more like post on a newsfeed. It would be great to update the format with menu options, more intuitive & clear info on best ways to utilize app features! Oh! I do love the safety precautions used & feel comfortable sharing my profile! Great work & a big thank you! Hoping that you’re able to kick this up a notch & really take off!!

  • Great idea. My neighborhood join in mid 2013. We have 3000 households and 564 residents who are now members of Our partnership unfortunately is with a City Department other than the Police Department. This neighborhood sign campaign is a tremendous idea. I am sure membership in will sky rocket in Mobile.

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