Nextdoor Hosts FEMA Region IX Whole Community Preparedness Workshop

Written by Jeremie Beebe

Today, we were excited to welcome the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency to the 2015 FEMA Region IX Whole Community Preparedness Workshop, hosted in our office.

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Jeremie Beebe, Director of Partnerships at Nextdoor, presents to DHS and FEMA.

This was the first day of a two-day event designed to disseminate regional best practices for community preparedness. The event brought together public, private, non-profit, and community leaders to build the knowledge, skills, and tools to ensure their organization and neighborhoods are better prepared and resilient in the event of an emergency.

During today’s workshop, the group discussed what makes a community resilient, how to improve community preparedness, and Nextdoor for Public Agencies’ impact on community engagement.

Thank you to FEMA Region IX for choosing Nextdoor as a host for this year’s workshop!

Interested in bringing Nextdoor to your city government? Contact our team here.

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