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St. Louis Neighbors Stop a Rash of Garage Break-Ins with Nextdoor

Written by Jen Burke

Recently, Nextdoor member Barb from St. Louis’ Compton Heights neighborhood was a victim of a garage break-in.

The thief stole her lawn mower, weed eater, and tree trimmer right out of her garage during the middle of the night while she was sleeping.

Thankfully, she caught it all on video and immediately shared the footage with her neighbors on Nextdoor. Nearly 30 neighbors responded, offering their support and many confirming they also had similar experiences, such as missing lawnmowers.

“I shared with neighborhoods affiliated in this area. I asked if anyone knew this individual, and next thing you know, there were 29 responses from people who had also been burglarized. They were posting pictures of him walking down alleys during the day,” said Barb.

Because of the post and information shared on Nextdoor, the neighbors were able to help police arrest the suspect. The man was responsible for more than a dozen garage burglaries over the past month.

“We try to take care of each other. We have each other’s backs, and when bad things happen to us, everybody jumps in,” Barb said.

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As reported by FOX St. Louis.

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