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Nextdoor Community Teams Up to Return Stolen Bike to Owner

Written by ndmulti

Last weekend, Caio, a neighbor in Berkeley, California, woke up to find his beloved bikes stolen.

An avid rider who uses his bike as his main mode of transport, Caio was devastated. After filing a police report, he immediately posted photos of his bikes to his neighborhood’s Nextdoor website, asking the community to be on the lookout.

His post drew dozens of replies, with neighbors suggesting where to look for the bikes in case the thief tried to sell or dump them. Caio spent the rest of his weekend visiting the locations the community suggested, but by Sunday night he was still empty-handed.

The photo of Caio's bike that helped neighbors later identify it.
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The photo of Caio’s bike that helped neighbors later identify it.

Thankfully, his neighbors were still on the lookout. Monday morning, a neighbor spotted someone riding one of the bikes near the neighborhood and recognized it from Caio’s post on Nextdoor. The neighbor immediately called police to report it, and the Berkeley Police Department responded quickly. The neighbor followed up on Caio’s original post and told him to contact the police to get his bike back – stunned, Caio did just that.

“I’m really thankful to my neighbor for that,” he said. “And all the other neighbors giving ideas about what I should do, who I should talk to, and where should I look.”

The Berkeley Police Department praised Caio and his neighbors for their quick thinking and action. Officer Byron White, a spokesperson for the Berkeley Police Department, says that Caio’s story shows “the power of social media.”

“It’s this perfect story of the community helping us, and also helping themselves.”

The neighborhood is still on the lookout for Caio’s second bike, and are hopeful they’ll be able to return it just like the first one.

Originally reported by Berkeleyside. Image courtesy of Berkeley Police.

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