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The Top Ten U.S. Cities for Trick-or-Treating this Halloween

Written by Danielle Styskal

As the nation gears up for the most neighborly holiday – Halloween – we are excited to release a list of the Top Ten U.S. Cities for Trick-or-Treating.

For the first time, we analyzed data from the tens of thousands of neighborhoods that use Nextdoor’s annual Treat Map feature to create this list.

Every October, neighbors use Nextdoor’s Treat Map to let each other know they will be passing out candy by marking their home on their neighborhood’s Treat Map with the ultimate Halloween icon, a candy corn.

Trick-or-treaters in these top neighborhoods will hit the candy jackpot this Halloween! The Treat Map will be live in your neighborhood soon. Join in the fun and check out your neighborhood’s Treat Map at

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  • I always love the trick-or-treating and haunted house maps. I would like to make two suggestions.

    1. Please change the question “Are you giving out candy?” to “Are you giving out treats?”. Many kids can’t have halloween candy and many people give out small toys instead. We have been giving out glow necklaces for years. Another option would be to collaborate with FARE and provide a Teal Pumpkin option. The map could show houses that have candy corn and ones with small teal pumpkins to represent houses that give out non-food treats that are safe for kids with allergies and diseases that prevent them from eating most candy. Fore more information check out the teal pumpkin project:

    2. Under the haunted house heading, I believe in the past you have allowed us to post a photo or two. This is helpful (and I didn’t see it this year), but also allowing us to give a short blurb would be nice so people know what to expect. Some people have a front yard display to view, some have a walk through haunted house, Some displays change on different years (for instance due to medical issues, last year we were unable to do our haunted house, but still had our singing pumpkins display and this year the haunted house will be tiny comparitivaly to past haunted houses. Also some performing displays or haunted houses have hours of operation we can provide). Giving people a quick blurb with expectations keeps kids from being disappointed when they arrive and makes it easier for those of us who put work into these things to not have to dissapoint the neighborhood. I’m sure this is true for Christmas displays too. Sometimes life happens and no matter what we want to do, our displays are not always as big.

    Thank you so much for including holiday celebrations in the maps, this is helpful.

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