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San Antonio Neighbors, Police Department Use Nextdoor to Curb Vehicle Burglaries

Written by ndmulti

A startling trend recently caught San Antonio neighbors by surprise; every Friday night around midnight for the past several weeks, someone was stealing from cars parked throughout the neighborhood.

The Millers Point neighborhood, a small community on the northeast side of San Antonio, took to Nextdoor to alert their neighbors that cars were being rifled through and items were being stolen.

“You probably thought that this would never happen to you.”
Videos show at least two individuals, who appear to be teenagers, rifling through cars parked in driveways.

“The first duo of kids came down this street and started pulling on every car door and truck parked in the area,” said Sam White, a neighbor in Millers Point. Thankfully, his car doors were firmly locked.

“We’re asking the community to be aware this is going on and lock your doors,” says another neighbor, Robin McClanahan. Her truck was broken into as well, but nothing was stolen. So far, one suspect has been arrested in relation to the car burglaries.

The San Antonio Police Department turned to Nextdoor this summer to warn residents across the city that car break-ins were on the rise. They shared safety tips to help prevent car burglaries, including:

  • Don’t leave any valuables in your vehicle
  • Don’t leave boxes or bags of any sort in view at any time
  • Always lock up your car, close your windows tightly, and turn on your alarm
  • If you must leave valuables in your car, lock them in the trunk or out of sight before you get to your destination
  • At night, park in well-lit areas or attended lots
  • Use your garage to park your vehicle – then lock your car and the garage
  • Car alarms are a useful deterrent if properly used
  • Stick to the basics – expensive stereos and electronics in vehicles are a big temptation for criminals

Officer Roger Zuniga, who posted the message on Nextdoor, said that these tips may seem like common-sense suggestions – but they must be followed to cut down on vehicle burglaries. “If you’ve ever been a victim of this type of crime, you probably thought that this would never happen to you,” he said. “Until it does. Taking away the opportunity or slowing down a criminal can be sufficient to prevent most crime from happening in the first place.”

As reported by ABC San Antonio.

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