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Community Uses Nextdoor During Devastating Fire to Evacuate, Stay Safe

Written by Danielle Styskal

When the Valley Fire ignited in the Napa area in early September, it paid no heed to the communities in its path.

Within the first day, the fire destroyed more than 10,000 acres. It was quickly on its way to becoming the third worst wildfire in California history, based on total structures burned.

Annemarie Hosch, a member of Nextdoor Cobb Mountain Village, kept her eye on the fire spotter planes and learned that the fast-moving fire was making its way towards her neighborhood. As she frantically packed up her home and pets, she turned to Nextdoor to warn her neighbors about the fire and the need to evacuate. She knew she didn’t have time to personally knock on all of her neighbors’ doors, so she posted an urgent message on Nextdoor.

Her neighbors, many of whom were in their homes that Saturday afternoon, were unaware that the fire had moved so close. Many learned of the danger and were able to pack up and evacuate thanks to Annemarie’s post on Nextdoor.

Fortunately for Annemarie and her neighbors, firefighters were able to cut fire lines that spared their community. As the greater community rebuilds, Annemarie is encouraging everyone to join Nextdoor so they’re even better connected if disaster strikes again.

As reported by CBS Sacramento.

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