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Neighbors Come Together to Help Homeless Veteran in Honor of the Holidays

Written by ndmulti

Neighbors in the Portland area are in the giving spirit as we head into the holidays, and a homeless veteran may just get a new home because of it.

A Nextdoor member in the Brentwood-Darlington West neighborhood decided to lend a hand to Brad, an older homeless veteran living near a neighborhood park. She posted on Nextdoor asking if any of her neighbors would be willing to help.

As it turns out, Brad used to work for the City of Portland, but came upon hard times and has been looking for a job ever since. He’s taken to living out of his car with his three large dogs. Over time, neighbors have gotten to know him and started leaving him food and supplies. Now, they’re taking it a step further – they want to buy him a trailer to live in.

“These women have noticed me and lifted me to heights I didn’t know I could find,” Brad said. “Even on a cold night, I’m warm – all because of what these women have done for me.”

The community is over halfway to their goal of $4,000 to purchase a trailer for Brad. To contribute, you can visit the neighborhood’s GoFundMe here.

As reported by ABC Portland.

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