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Porch Pirates Steal Sentimental Package from Tulsa Neighbor’s Front Porch

Written by ndmulti

Veronica, a neighbor in Tulsa, was expecting a special package. What she wasn’t expecting, however, was for it to be stolen straight from her front porch.

Veronica and her husband had ordered a tiny pair of baby booties to use to announce that they were expecting, but they were never able to use them – a porch pirate stole it before she even knew it was there.

Frustrated, Veronica posted on her neighborhood’s Nextdoor website to warn her neighbors to keep an eye out for any expected deliveries. Within minutes, neighbors were chiming in about their own similar package thefts and giving their support. A neighbor down the street told her that she’d found her package, but it was empty.

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The booties Veronica was expecting – and never received.

The Travelers Company suggests the following to help stop package thieves in their tracks:

  • Have your packages delivered to a location where they can be received in person, such as a neighbor’s house, a relative’s, or your office.
  • When making a purchase online, choose a specific delivery time and sign up for delivery alerts. Consider having your package delivered to a local store for pick-up.
  • When possible, ask the shipper to require a signature confirmation of delivery in order to prevent packages being left on the porch when no one is home.  Provide delivery instructions so packages can be left out of sight from your yard, the sidewalk, or the road.

Neighbors in Kansas City, Mobile, and Boise have all used Nextdoor to make sure their presents end up right where they belong: under the tree.

As reported by News on 6 Tulsa.

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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