CBS This Morning Explores How Technology Can Help Neighbors Connect

Written by ndmulti

Today, CBS This Morning featured Nextdoor and interviewed our Co-Founder and CEO, Nirav Tolia, to explore how neighborhoods are using Nextdoor to build stronger, safer communities across the United States.

We were very honored to be included.

Stories like this one would not be possible without all of the neighbors across the country who use Nextdoor every day to make their communities even better places to call home. Thank you for embracing Nextdoor in your neighborhoods.

Here’s to another wonderful year of helping communities connect in 2016!

Check out the segment below:


  • Based on my own experience with Nextdoor Colonial Manor, I think your website is awesome. In a very short time, we have connected a lot of folks in our community.

    Nextdoor seems to be a excellent tool for development of “social capital”. Do you know if anyone has done any academic research or published in an academic periodical? If not, you should reach out to some universities that offer PhDs. in social work or community economic development. It would be a great dissertation topic for someone.

    Joe Honeycutt
    3643 San Jose Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL, 32207
    (904) 424-7608

  • The idea is spectacular and I am hoping to get Nextdoor operating in Brazil, specially in Sao Paulo, where neighborhoods are revitalizing and people want to live out and safer. Please let me know of plans or strategy for Brazil and I will be happy to test in my own neighborhood, as part of our local association programme. Congratulations.

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