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Neighbors Save Abandoned, Blind Dog Using Technology

Written by ndmulti

When Kevin C., a neighbor from Lexington, SC, was on a run with his girlfriend, the last thing they expected to come across was an emaciated, abandoned dog.

The dog, who they named Red, was still handsome despite being about forty pounds underweight and nearly blind. Concerned, Kevin and his girlfriend took the dog home. He was clearly once someone’s pet.

“He just had the sweetest temperament,” said Kevin. “It was clear he wasn’t just a feral dog.” After calling shelters to see if anyone had reported him missing, Kevin came to the conclusion that Red had been abandoned.

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Red, the evening Kevin and his girlfriend found him

With all of the shelters full and Red in desperate need of veterinary attention, Kevin decided he would take care of him. A trip to the vet revealed that Red had worms, was nearly blind, and needed to gain at least thirty pounds to be healthy again.

Knowing he needed help, Kevin posted to Nextdoor to see if any of his neighbors might be willing to lend a hand.

“The response was overwhelming,” Kevin said. “I had people from my neighborhood I’d never met offering to help. Neighbors were offering bags of dog food and asking if they could donate money for Red’s vet bills.”

Together, Kevin and his neighbors have raised over $1,200 for Red’s care. They estimate they need at least $1,500 for his continued vet bills.

With one post on Nextdoor, Red is now happily warm, fed, and starting the long road to recovery – thanks to the entire community’s help.

To donate to Red’s continued care, visit his GoFundMe page.

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.


  • One of the most common posts on my neighborhood is about lost or found pets. It would be great if had a facility for each household to upload photos of their pets and let neighbors browse those photos for when they find a pet. Add in some “facial recognition” technology on uploaded photos of found pets, and we can get those lost kitties and pups home in no time!

  • Thank you to those that helped Red, recover from his illnesses and will continue to take care of him and provide him with his 4-Ever Home <3

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