Nextdoor Moves into Neighborhoods in the Netherlands

Written by Nirav Tolia

When we launched Nextdoor in the U.S. more than four years ago, we believed our mission solved a global need: to use the power of technology to build stronger, safer neighborhoods.

As we surpass more than half of all U.S. neighborhoods using Nextdoor, it’s time to expand our focus to include the rest of world.

Today is an exciting day at Nextdoor HQ: we are launching Nextdoor in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands was an obvious first choice for our international expansion. The Dutch have strong neighborhood identity and are avid early adopters of technology, so we expected them to take naturally to Nextdoor. They even have a word in Dutch, “gezelligheid,” that does not translate fully into English, but roughly means to have a deep sense of belonging and community in a neighborhood. We were excited to see how they would use Nextdoor.

The Dutch met our expectations – and surpassed them. During a very successful three-month pilot period, 93 neighborhoods started using Nextdoor in cities and villages across the Netherlands. The ways neighbors used Nextdoor in the pilot period did not vary greatly from the United States, but Dutch neighbors do seem to be more social and generous. Interestingly, they posted more events and free items on Nextdoor than neighbors in the United States.

Today, Nextdoor will be available for all neighborhoods across the Netherlands. This launch marks the first non-English implementation of Nextdoor and our first international office. Nextdoor has been localized for the Netherlands and is now offered fully in Dutch or English on Web, iOS, and Android devices.

Thank you to all the neighbors in the U.S. – and now, the Netherlands – who have embraced Nextdoor. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to bring Nextdoor to even more neighborhoods around the world.

Nirav Tolia


  • Hello,
    Congrats on your expansion into The Netherlands. That could also be of interest to the many expats that live in Amsterdam.

    I tried to join but your site could not complete my address 🙁 So, what’s up?

    And although most Dutch people speak English, I presume your site will have a Dutch-language version?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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