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Napa Neighbor Finds Forever Homes for Furry Friends

Written by Danielle Styskal

Allison, a Nextdoor member in Napa, originally joined Nextdoor at her mother-in-law’s recommendation – she wanted to receive the latest crime and safety alerts from her neighbors.

Then, she realized what an incredible resource it was for her passion: finding forever homes for animals. An animal lover herself, Allison had always felt a strong connection to dogs in need since they can’t speak for themselves. In fact, she has owned several dogs.

After seeing a pair of Golden Retrievers in need of a new home in a post on Facebook, Allison made it her mission to rehome them. She posted about the dogs on Nextdoor and included their adorable photos. A neighbor was interested in the dogs, and she turned out to be the perfect fit for the loving pups.

Kobe and Maya, the Golden Retrievers that found forever homes through Nextdoor.

“Nextdoor is a powerful community of thoughtful people,” Allison said. While her neighbors can’t adopt every animal that Allison hopes to rehome, she said all of her neighbors have been very genuine in their responses and offers to help find homes for the dogs.

Allison has been able to help nearly 10 dogs find new homes, and is currently using Nextdoor to rehome a sweet dog named Harley who was found abandoned in a box outside of a store.

Harley, the abandoned pup that Allison is currently helping to rehome.

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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