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Indianapolis Neighbors Put an End to a Peeping Tom’s Attempted Thefts

Written by Jen Burke

Neighbors in a north Indianapolis neighborhood recently learned the power of a connected community when a Peeping Tom was caught on video casing several homes in the area.

Nextdoor member Jonathan Whitham noticed the Peeping Tom peering into his home and shining a flashlight through his back door early one morning.

“You can see he is looking down at the ground – we suspect looking for valuable items he can take – but then he uses a flashlight to check a little deeper and apparently doesn’t see anything of value,” Jonathan said.

Immediately after seeing this on his camera, Jonathan posted to Nextdoor to warn his neighbors. Many neighbors chimed in that they had seen the same man in the neighborhood and believed he may have been responsible for other recent crimes.

Information that neighbors gathered on Nextdoor was shared with police. Jonathan says he has been in touch with the prosecutor’s office to help identify a suspect who was arrested who they believe may be responsible.

As reported by NBC Indianapolis.

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