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Kansas City Good Neighbor Brings Community Together Through Gardening

Written by Jen Burke

Each month, Nextdoor is honoring the good neighbors who are making a difference in their neighborhoods every day with our Good Neighbor Award.

Each winner is nominated by their neighbors and will receive a gift card from Nextdoor in recognition of the positive impact they have made in their community. To nominate a good neighbor in your community, click here.

North Indian Mound is one of Kansas City’s most economically and racially diverse neighborhoods. Nextdoor Good Neighbor Award winner, Jenna Wilkins, is helping bring it together in a unique way – with locally-grown food and plants.

According to her neighbor, Bryan Stalder, Jenna has taken it upon herself to grow and cultivate the neighborhood’s neglected community garden by turning it into a beautiful place for all to enjoy.

PlantingTrees (1)

Kansas City Good Neighbor, Jenna Wilkins

In the garden, Jenna plans community events where neighbors get to meet one another and enjoy the area. In addition, out of her own pocket, Jenna bought a dozen fruit trees for the garden and gathered a group of neighbors to help plant them. In a couple years, the entire community will be able to enjoy the fruit.


Jenna and her North Indian Mound neighbors plant the fruit trees she bought for the garden

Jenna is also responsible for founding the community’s farmer’s market. The market brings in farmers from across the area and gives neighbors the opportunity to buy and enjoy the locally-grown, fresh produce.


Jenna and neighbors at the farmer’s market

Jenna’s unwavering dedication to build community through gardening has undoubtedly brought her North Indian Mound community together. We are honored to recognize her for the positive impact she has made on her neighborhood.

Congrats Jenna!


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