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Neighbors Use Nextdoor to Return Stolen Motor-Scooter to Owner

Written by Danielle Styskal

One morning, Rachel, a neighbor from the Silver Lake Starr King neighborhood in Los Angeles realized that her motor-scooter was missing from its parking spot right in front of her home.

She notified police, and then turned to Nextdoor to alert her neighbors of the theft. While Rachel owns a car and wasn’t stranded without her scooter, she much preferred riding her scooter around town – she feels more connected to the community and her neighborhood when she’s riding it.

Rachel included a photo of her shiny red scooter, but wasn’t sure she would see it again. Several neighbors responded and shared their sympathies as well as details about their own similar experiences. Then, a neighbor sent her a private message telling her she’d seen a man riding the scooter and crash it into a car. The man wasn’t injured and continued on his getaway on the scooter, which suffered some damage. Rachel was bummed, to say the least.

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A photo of Rachel’s scooter before it was stolen.

Two weeks later, another neighbor responded to Rachel’s Nextdoor post letting her know that they’d seen her beloved scooter, now with a few new scratches and dents, parked on the street just 1.5 blocks away from Rachel’s home.

Relieved, Rachel walked to where her scooter was found and wheeled it back home. She notified the police of her find, and they were surprised. Stolen scooters aren’t often found.

“My neighbors weren’t gaining anything by helping me,” Rachel said. “I just felt so taken care of by the neighborhood after this incident.”

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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