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Rockford Neighbors Come Together for Community-Wide Clean Up

Written by Jen Burke

Rolling Green neighbor, Joe Nepean, has taken it upon himself to clean up his Rockford community with the help of his neighbors.

Joe started the “Clean Up Rockford” initiative last year, which organizes neighbor volunteers of all ages to get litter off the streets, sidewalks, and wooded areas in Rockford.

To spread the word and motivate more neighbors to join the effort, Joe has turned to Nextdoor.

“Right now on Nextdoor, we have about 730 members in our Rolling Green neighborhood group,” Joe says. “Because of that, I’m able to get more of a neighborhood presence at the clean ups.”

On a designated weekend each month, dozens of neighbors grab gear and get busy cleaning up their neighborhood. “Clean Up Rockford” provides the bags, trash grabbers, and gloves for each event to help neighbors do their part in giving back to the community.

Last month, neighbors collected 92 forty-five gallon garbage bags full of trash. At their most recent clean-up a couple of weeks ago, they more than doubled that amount, filling 186 trash bags.  

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Young volunteers count the number of trash bags collected – 186!

“Anybody can go out in their neighborhood and pick up garbage,” says Joe. “It’s the easiest thing you can do to help your community.”

Way to go Joe and the “Clean up Rockford” team!

As reported by NBC Rockford and CBS Rockford.


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