New Data Shows What 2,000 People Agree Makes a Good Neighbor

Written by ndmulti

Are you friends with your neighbors? Would you trust them with a spare key?

At Nextdoor, we certainly are – and we believe technology can help neighbors connect, communicate, and build trust every day.

Together with Woman’s Day, we found answers to the questions above, and the results were inspiring.

Not surprisingly, our neighbors make us feel safer.
We’ve heard time and time again from our members that Nextdoor helps them feel safer and more connected in their neighborhoods, whether that’s keeping each other in-the-know about car burglars or even helping return a missing child home.

97% of neighbors said that knowing their neighbors gives them peace of mind.

Ninety-seven percent of neighbors surveyed said that knowing their neighbors gives them peace of mind, and it turns out they’re hosting parties and get-togethers to make that happen: nearly three-quarters of neighbors hold regular block parties. Even still, over 60% of neighbors indicated that they wished they had a closer relationship with their neighbors, proving that there’s still work to be done to bring neighbors closer together. Check out our tips on how to host a neighborhood coffee hour to get to know your neighbors in a casual, carefree setting.

Do you have nosy neighbors? You’re not alone.
We take privacy seriously here at Nextdoor, and neighbors across the country do, too. While more than half of neighbors say they have had a nosy neighbor, nearly that amount also say that the best neighbor is one who respects their privacy. With nearly 80% of neighbors reporting that they have a fence between their property and the nearest neighbor, that’s not very surprising.

There are some benefits to sticking your head over that fence, though. We believe that when neighbors start talking, good things happen. Who knows what might happen? You might end up making new friends, stumbling upon a thriving neighborhood garden, or even saving a life.

Feel free to ask your neighbor for that cup of sugar – or to borrow a ladder. Turns out, they’re more generous than you may have thought!
Of the neighbors we talked to, over 50% had asked their neighbors to borrow a tool, yard equipment, or a last-minute cooking ingredient. On the other hand, 80% of neighbors would be willing to feed or walk a neighbor’s pet, but only one-third of neighbors have actually asked their neighbor to do so. The same is true for housesitting, babysitting, carpooling, and accepting a package.

Over 50% had asked to borrow an item from their neighbors.
 We’re clearly comfortable asking to borrow the little things, but there are some limits: only 1% of neighbors had asked to use a neighbor’s bike or car.

We’re thrilled that neighbors want to connect, communicate, and help each other build stronger and safer places to call home, however they can. To see more examples of neighbors going above and beyond for each other across America, check out our member stories here. And for stories of good neighbors everywhere, see our Nextdoor Good Neighbor Award winners as well as good neighbors featured in the July/August issue of Woman’s Day.

From all of us at Nextdoor, cheers to good neighbors everywhere!

Survey methodology: This survey was conducted by Nextdoor, the private social network for neighborhoods, from March 10-11, 2016 among 2,000 neighbors from Nextdoor’s 104,000 neighborhoods across the United States.


  • That was an enjoyable, informative read. I tend to think that being cordial, respectful and aware is all (?) that is required to be neighborly. It is not necessary to be *friends*. Friendly, yes. Friends? No.

  • I’m so glad I came upon this article! After asking for help with a question from the “contact us” team at Nextdoor, this morning, which was also an extremely nice experience, this article is a breath of fresh air.
    I’m guilty of not wanting to “bother” or “impose” on a neighbor when in fact I really did need some immediate help, & being alone at the time it was hard to ask, but I was so glad I did. That was an ice breaker for them and I, & an opportunity to talk more and I felt much more comfortable as they did with me. Glad I did, & after reading this I will be more apt to stick my head over the fence more often when I see other neighbors out in their yards, or say hello more as I walk my dog in the evenings.

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